Graduation Day

The six months has flown by…..

Half a year ago I started on this journey from NGO human rights lawyer to patissier and now my training  at Maison Christian Faure has come to an end. The learning to become a pastry chef will continue but I leave Montreal and these wonderful people that both you the readers and I have gotten to know over the last six months.

First week of class. We all look so serious, including Chef J!img_0319

A few weeks later looking happier and more relaxed.


Graduation day is a bit of a blur. In the last two weeks we have been working night and day making the sugar showpiece, chocolate showpiece and the fourteen to eighteen different cakes and confectioneries for ten guests that we have to produce for the final buffet – not a relaxing time! As always  though we worked together as a team. Giving support when needed and suggestions when things were not quite working out the way we wanted.

Putting the final touches on my graduation buffet – Into the Autumnal Woods

We all had different themes for our buffet. Ms. J ‘the disaster’ loves making flowers out of sugar paste so it was no surprise that she chose ‘Rustic Romance’. Ms. M picked the circus, a homage to her little boy who loves Chef J’s macarons.  Mr. S likes all things chocolate, Petit garçon A’s buffet was filled with his youthful exuberance and Ms. N was drawn to the ocean.

The theme of my buffet was “Into the Woods”. My inspiration was the autumnal colours that surround me in the city. Reds, oranges, and chocolate browns dominated my buffet as did the flavours of fig, honey, maple and chocolate  that were weaved through my pastries.

Yuzu cakes with orange and cardamon confit, pistachio passion fruit sandwiches, mont blanc, and a buche.

The sugar showpiece  was a blood moon inspired by a poem by my favourite poet Ted Hughes.


And the idea for the chocolate showpiece was a rustic chocolate box filled with confectioneries that you might stumble across on a walk in the deep woods.


It was an emotional day and I was so impressed with the buffets produced by my friends. Everyone had worked so hard and we were so happy for each other. Before the graduation started Chef J and his first graduates had a private moment filled with tears and laughter and then the ceremony began.

I am now a graduate from the patissier program at Maison Christian Faure and I wouldn’t be here without the support of my family that flew in to be with me on the day. To them I am forever grateful.

My sister, Mum, and daughter

It’s been a slice. . .


PS: Keep reading the blog as the journey continues for all of us.


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